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スラシュ★ブルウ → 「no limit to my SENSATION」

slasher ★ blue

signomi ♛ christina
3 January 1991
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  ⁞⁞ To whom it may concern;

The name is Signomi, otherwise known as Christina. I am 20 years of age, and shall be 21 on January 3rd. I am a digital artist in most respects, I illustrate and do graphic design, I run several projects and am most well known amongst others as a conversationalist and somebody with an almost overractive imagination.

Life really is fantastic. I am happily in a relationship with Jorge « » and have been for over two years. He is the reason why I am happy almost every single day of my life, and why I have such an optimistic view on things ahead. I currently reside in England and have done so for the whole of my life, and I shall be doing further studying for an eventual career in illustrative art and design, at the moment I am working on several personal projects that will help me with this particular goal. I love all my friends and my family, and I don't go a day without feeling loved in so many different ways.

At the moment, my main priority project happens to be one called SLASHER★BLUE, which shall revolve around my persona. It is based on a roleplaying plot I had committed myself and a couple of other friends to around six years so. The memories of that time is still very fresh in my mind, and I do feel more confident in my abilities as an artist as I did back then. So I have decided to create a manga project, the one I have just described to you. It can be viewed here.

That is all for the time being. As long as I know you, you're free to add me and I'll go ahead and add you back.

→ Yours faithfully;